Healthy State Vending Bill-- Signed Into Law!

It's official! The Healthy State Vending Bill (SB 912, Mitchell) is now a law in the State of California. Governor Jerry Brown signed the bill on September 25, 2014.
The Healthy State Vending Bill, co-sponsored by CCPHA, makes permanent basic nutrition requirements for foods and beverages sold in vending machines that operate in state-owned buildings.


Passage of this law demonstrates a real norm change at the California Capitol, as the bill cleared nearly every legislative hurdle with bipartisan support. Our messaging about the need for healthy food and beverage options is resonating with policy makers on both sides of the aisle!  


CCPHA is proud to have been part of getting this piece of legislation passed. We believe this is proof of our commitment to ensuring there are policies in place throughout California that make our communities healthier places in which to live. For additional resources on the bill, click HERE .

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What's New

San Francisco & Berkeley Soda Tax Battles Intensify

With less than a month ‘til Election Day, the soda tax showdown between community health advocates and the beverage industry is really heating up! Our partners in health in the cities of San Francisco and Berkeley aren’t giving up their respective fights to get soda tax measures passed. And it’s no surprise; Big Soda’s big bucks are being spent to defeat those proposals. The media attention surrounding these critical measures kicked into high gear this week. Here are some of the highlights:

“Big Soda Explodes on San Francisco, Gives $7.7 Million to Fight Beverage Tax”
San Francisco Chronicle Recommends Soda Tax Measure
“Beverage Companies Spend $1.675 million to Defeat Berkeley Soda Tax”
“The Next Battleground for Soda” Op-Ed by New York Times writer Mark Bittman

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local policy

Corner Stores Get Healthier Thanks to Community Effort

On August 20, 2014, the city council of Baldwin Park unanimously adopted an Administrative Policy called the “Healthy Corner Store Policy.” Funded by a Community Transformation Grant (CTG), this landmark policy is the first of its kind in the state of California, and was the result of local efforts by CCPHA and community leaders including the Baldwin Park Resident Advisory Committee. 


The Healthy Corner Market policy establishes guiding principles and practices for corner stores to contribute to a healthy economy through marketing strategies, promotions and floor plans conducive to healthy eating.  Furthermore, the policy establishes a three-tiered, city-sponsored incentive program to qualifying markets based on the level of participation. In addition, the policy supports the continuation and expansion of the “Healthy Selection” shelf-tag program created by CCPHA.

For more information on the Healthy Corner Store Policy contact Christina Cardenas at 626.962.5900 or by email:


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