Healthy State Vending Bill-- Signed Into Law!

It's official! The Healthy State Vending Bill (SB 912, Mitchell) is now a law in the State of California. Governor Jerry Brown signed the bill on September 25, 2014.
The Healthy State Vending Bill, co-sponsored by CCPHA, makes permanent basic nutrition requirements for foods and beverages sold in vending machines that operate in state-owned buildings.


Passage of this law demonstrates a real norm change at the California Capitol, as the bill cleared nearly every legislative hurdle with bipartisan support. Our messaging about the need for healthy food and beverage options is resonating with policy makers on both sides of the aisle!  


CCPHA is proud to have been part of getting this piece of legislation passed. We believe this is proof of our commitment to ensuring there are policies in place throughout California that make our communities healthier places in which to live. For additional resources on the bill, click HERE .

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What's New

Exciting Changes to the "Kick the Can" Website

As parent organization of the "Kick the Can" initiative, CCPHA is pleased to re-invite you to visit Kick the Can’s website:!

The Kick the Can project website originally went live back in 2011. But over the last several months, our Kick the Can team has worked hard to revamp the site--making it easier to use and streamlining the breadth of information that is at your fingertips there. If you haven't visited Kick the Can in a while, navigate on over to see some of the changes we're making in effort to provide you with THE BEST resources possible on sugary drinks.

Please feel free to share our site link with friends, fellow advocates, students and those working to make their communities healthier by reducing sugary drink consumption.

Thank you for supporting KTC as it "gives the boot" to sugary drinks on Twitter & Facebook as well!





local policy

Building Healthy Communities: Teens on
the Move

It’s always encouraging when our communities’ young people step-up, and take an active role in making positive changes to their environment. That’s just what a group of teenagers in Boyle Heights is doing through a “Photovoice” project recently recognized by Los Angeles public television station, KCET.

The “Healthy Teens on the Move” group brings together Roosevelt High School students, and empowers them to have a voice about what affects teens in the community. Organized by CCPHA and sponsored by The California Endowment, these selected teens are a part of the Building Healthy Communities, Boyle Heights initiative to help bring an end to childhood obesity and Type 2 diabetes.

Through their Photovoice project, the teenagers take pictures of factors within Roosevelt High School that influence eating and physical activity choices. Students then write stories to accompany each photo--further stressing the need for the creation of health-focused public policies.


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