california adolescents drinking more soda and other
sugar-sweetened beverages

OVERVIEW. On October 17, 2013, the California Center for Public Health Advocacy (CCPHA) and the UCLA Center for Health Policy Research released the report Still Bubbling Over: California Adolescents Drinking More Soda and Other Sugar-Sweetened Beverages. This comprehensive study shows that while consumption of soda and other sugary drinks among young children in California is starting to decline, there’s an alarming spike among adolescents, the biggest consumers of these beverages.

THE STUDY. Commissioned by CCPHA, the study reports geographic variations in consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages among children and adolescents from 2005-07 to 2011-12. Data came from the 2005-12 California Health Interview Survey (CHIS), which interviewed more than 40,000 households per survey cycle from every county in the state. The study was conducted by UCLA’s Center for Health Policy Research. For background information, see the Press Release and Press Kit. Numerous spokespersons are familiar with the study. Summary information is available from the Policy Brief and from fact sheets describing changes in soda consumption for youth in all counties, changes in soda consumption for children and adolescents in California’s largest counties, and variations by age, race/ethnicity and drink type

FINDINGS. The study found that sugar-sweetened beverage consumption decreased by 30 percent among 2- to 5- year-olds and 26 percent among 6- to 11-year-olds. On the other hand, consumption increased by 8 percent among adolescents ages 12-17. Additionally, major disparities now exist between races/ethnicities. Seventy-four percent of African American adolescents drink at least one sugary drink each day, compared to 73 percent of Latinos, 63 percent of Asians and 56 percent of whites. Adolescents in all ethnic groups, except whites, consumed more sugary drinks in 2011-12 than in 2005-07. Soda consumption rates also varied significantly from county to county.

POLICY RECOMMENDATIONS. With nearly 40 percent of California children overweight or obese, it is vital that parents, educators, health professionals, businesses and policymakers work together to identify and implement public policies and other programs and strategies to reduce sugary drink consumption and protect children, especially teens. Actions that can be taken are included on this list of policy recommendations.


Press Coverage of the Study.

Still Bubbling Over attracted extraordinary news coverage throughout the state and across the nation. Almost five million Californians read or heard about the report through traditional media, including nearly every daily newspaper in the state. At least 53 newspapers, radio programs and local news stations covered the study. Online, an audience of over 280 million had the opportunity to read the findings on over five dozen websites. To view all tracking information, click here.

The Los Angeles Times, San Francisco Chronicle, San Jose Mercury News, Time Magazine and many other top-tier outlets published original articles. The Los Angeles Daily News, Riverside Press-Enterprise, Napa Valley Register, Santa Cruz Sentinel and at least eight other newspapers posted the story on the front page.  Nearly every public radio program in the state mentioned Still Bubbling Over, altogether making this one of the most successful reports that we have published. 

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