Current Bills

AB 292 Time to Eat: Lunchtime Supports Learning 
AB 292 will allow students to have at least 20 minutes to eat lunch after receiving it.

AB 1321 Nutrition Incentive Matching Grant Program

AB 1321 is an evidence-based bill that doubles the value of nutrition assistance benefits at farmers’ markets and small business retailers when used to purchase California grown fruits, nuts and vegetables.

SB 564  Vehicle speeding fine increase in school zones to fund Safe Routes to School (ATP)

This bill will require that an additional fine of $35 be imposed if the violation occurred in a school zone. Fines will go toward funding school zone safety projects within the Active Transportation Program.

SB 151  Raise in minimum age for purchasing tobacco products from 18 to 21

This bill will raise the minimum age required to purchase tobacco products to 21 years of age.

Learn more about these bills and their progress here.

What's New

New Take on Old Ad:
Change the Tune

Remember the iconic, 1970s “Hilltop” commercial from Coca-Cola that had people singing about how they’d “like to buy the world a Coke” and Coke being “the real thing”? Well, we’d like to present to you this 2015 re-make of the ad that gives a more accurate picture of what can happen to everyday Coke or sugary beverage drinkers.

It’s a video produced by our friends at Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI). Instead of “apple trees, honeybees and snow white turtledoves,” the real-life sufferers of type 2 diabetes, obesity and tooth decay sing about wanting to “buy the world a drink that doesn’t cause disease.”

Read more about this thought-provoking ad, which calls on people to change the tune, and drink less soda, at this link.










local policy

Davis Healthy
Beverage Ordinance

The healthy choice will now be the easy choice for families when eating at restaurants in the City of Davis, CA. A first-of-its-kind ordinance passed unanimously by the city council on May 26 requires businesses with kids’ meal menus to offer water or milk—instead of sugary sodas and drinks—as the beverage options children can order with their meals. CCPHA applauds the city’s efforts to support parents as they try to make healthy decisions for their kids. Davis proved itself a national leader by making children’s health a top priority, and tackling excessive sugary drink consumption--one of the leading contributors to childhood obesity, tooth decay and the development of type 2 diabetes. You can read the complete ordinance at this link.

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