Legislative Session

CCPHA is co-sponsoring two bills in 2014 and reviewing other bills for support. Our first bill is SB 912, it will prevent the expiration of current healthy vending standards in state buildings. Our second bill is SB 1000, the Sugary Drink Warning Label Act. Visit our 2014 Legislation page for more information on these bills. If you would like to stay updated on what CCPHA’s legislative work, join our action network, like CCPHA on Facebook and/or follow us on Twitter.















What's New

Great Week for Warning Labels and Healthy Vending

We are thrilled to report that the landmark, Soda and Sugary Drink Warning Label bill (SB 1000, Monning) just passed its first legislative challenge! The CA Senate Health Committee voted 5-2, Wednesday April 9, in favor of moving the bill on to the next stage in the process—the Senate Appropriations Committee.

Also some positive news for our Healthy State Vending bill (SB 912, Mitchell)… it passed in committee as well. The Senate Governmental Organization Committee voted, Tuesday April 8, in favor of sending the healthy vending law standards on to Senate Appropriations.

We appreciate the tremendous support we've received from our partners on these important pieces of legislation. We're confident they'll go a long way toward making our communities healthier if enacted.

















local policy

San Joaquin REACH Project Launched

CCPHA and the Stockton Branch of the NAACP have launched the San Joaquin REACH Project to develop and promote strategies to improve nutrition, increase physical activity and expand access to healthy foods in organizations and churches serving African-American residents. The project is funded by the Racial and Ethnic Approaches to Community Health (REACH) program of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The San Joaquin project is one of fourteen being administered by the UCLA Kaiser Permanente Center for Health Equity. 

“This grant is a shot in the arm for communities of color in San Joaquin County, which suffer disproportionately from chronic diseases like diabetes,” says Bobby Bivens, NAACP’s Stockton branch president. “Our organization will put its full weight behind this initiative to begin the vital work of reaching out and empowering our community to build healthier workplaces, organizations and faith communities.” To read more, click here.





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