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2016 State Legislation Agenda Announced

CCPHA is happy to announce our 2016 CA Legislation Agenda. We are proud to support a host of bills that address health inequities through progressive public health policy regarding: drinking water access, parks and urban greening, active transportation, nutrition, mental health and environmental justice.























What's New

Where we have been & Where we are going

We are pleased to share our 2015 Impact Report which showcases our 2015 accomplishments and casts our organizational vision and plans for 2016.


As always, we are thankful to our donors, funders and activists who make our possible.


2015 CCPHA Impact Report














Prediabetes: A Generation
in Jeopardy

Nearly half of California adults – including one out of every three young adultshave prediabetes, a precursor to life-threatening type 2 diabetes, or undiagnosed diabetes, according to a new UCLA and CCPHA study released on March 10.

The research provides the first analysis and breakdown of California prediabetes rates by county, age and ethnicity, and offers alarming insights into the future of the nation’s diabetes epidemic and the health crisis coming down the road.

Learn more about the study and how your county compares HERE.











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