hiding under a health halo

examining the data behind health claims
on Sugary beverages

While sales of sodas are slipping, the huge category of alternative sugary beverages--which includes energy, sports, tea and fruit drinks--is growing rapidly based largely on misleading health claims, according to a study by UC Berkeley's Atkins Center for Weight and Health (CWH). Researchers investigated the growing, and often confusing list of supplements added to these sugary drinks to compare marketing claims with the products’ real effects. The findings: In most cases, these beverages provide little or no health benefits, in some cases the added ingredients may actually be dangerous, and in virtually all cases, drink manufacturers attempt to put a “health halo” over what is an otherwise, unhealthy sugary beverage.

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Hiding Under a Health Halo: Examining the Data Behind Health Claims on Sugary Beverages is receiving multimedia coverage in the form of reports featured on television, radio, printed publications, blogs and other on-line news sources. Below are links to various stories already in circulation. This list includes just a sampling of articles that ran from August 6, 2014-August 13, 2014.

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