1 in 3 Diabetes study

1 in 3: Diabetes tied to a third of california hospital stays, driving health care costs higher

One in three hospital beds in California is filled with a diabetes patient, according to a comprehensive new study on the prevalence of diabetes and its impact on patients, providers and spiraling health care costs. Researchers at the UCLA Center for Health Policy Research found that diabetes represented 31 percent of hospitalizations statewide among patients 35 years or older (the age group that accounts for most hospitalizations), costing nearly $2,200 more per stay than for patients without diabetes. Findings are available on a county-by-county basis, as well as by race/ethnicity.

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1 in 3: Diabetes Tied to a Third of California Hospital Stays, Driving Health Care Costs Higher
 is receiving statewide media coverage, and it's also getting attention across the country as we can only conclude this unfortunate trend is likely mirrored through healthcare systems--nationwide. Below are links to a sample of stories already in circulation. For a complete list of news coverage, click here. The attached report includes news coverage from May 15th through May 19th, 2014.

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