Who we are and what do we do


Childhood obesity did not happen by chance and it won’t be solved that way either. The California Center for Public Health Advocacy tackles the underlying factors that perpetuate childhood obesity and undermine parents’ desire to keep their children healthy: multibillion-dollar marketing and overwhelming availability of unhealthy foods and beverages, limited access to fresh fruits and vegetables in far too many communities, schools failing to provide quality physical education, cities designed for cars rather than pedestrians and bicyclists, and lack of safe places for children to play.


Making these critical changes demands a unique and integrated statewide approach to changing public policy. CCPHA advocates for policy change simultaneously at state and local levels, we network local efforts together for statewide impact, and we support our work with grassroots organizing, strategic research, media advocacy, and direct lobbying.  We specialize in building effective advocacy campaigns to ensure that every resident, regardless of income, ethnicity, or locale, has access to healthy foods, water and other health beverages, and opportunities to walk, bike, and exercise in safety.


As a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization, CCPHA is funded by an array of foundations, government grants and individual and organizational donors. We use only unrestricted, non-governmental funds to support our state and local lobbying activities. CCPHA's fundraising efforts are conducted in accordance with our fundraising guidelines.  Click here for our Annual Report.