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  • Advocates expecting new soda tax money for health programs aimed at obesity & diabetes prevention

    With new soda taxes recently passed in Albany, Oakland, and San Francisco, health advocates are expecting soda tax money...

    by Public Health Advocates
  • REACH 4 HEALTH: North Stockton Community making strides in health, wellness, and safety.

    STOCKTON, CA, November 10, 2016 – Emerald Pointe Townhomes, Public Health Advocates, and Public Health Services of San Joaquin...

    by Public Health Advocates
  • NPR article “Souring on Sweet? Voters in 4 Cities Pass Soda Tax Measures”

    New NPR article “Souring On Sweet? Voters In 4 Cities Pass Soda Tax Measures” quotes Harold Goldstein, executive director...

    by Public Health Advocates
  • soda tax ballot measures are passing

    Soda tax ballot measures passing in CA and CO with overwhelming support!

    We are pleased to report that the four soda tax measures on local ballots in California and Colorado are...

    by Public Health Advocates
  • PHAdvocates' HEAL Director Charlotte Dickson receives award

    PHAdvocates’ HEAL Director Charlotte Dickson honored at League of California Cities Conference

    Last week at the League of California Cities’ 118th Annual Conference & Expo, Public Health Advocates’ Charlotte Dickson was honored for her...

    by Public Health Advocates
  • San Joaquin African American Health E

    Health Plan of San Joaquin hosts 1st African-American health empowerment luncheon

    October 6, 2016 – French Camp, San Joaquin County, CA The Health Plan of San Joaquin (HPSJ) held a...

    by Public Health Advocates
  • PHAdvocates to present at APHA 2016 Annual Meeting & Expo (Oct 29-Nov 2)

    We are getting ready for the APHA 2016 Annual Meeting & Expo in Denver!  The event will take place from October...

    by Public Health Advocates
  • council for diabetes prevention logo

    PHAdvocates a member of Council for Diabetes Prevention

    We at Public Health Advocates are proud to be a member of the Council for Diabetes Prevention! Just launched...

    by Public Health Advocates
  • PHAdvocates Motivating Youth to Speak Up for Los Angeles Youth Funding

    The Los Angeles City Council approved a motion requesting a report and assessment of the City of LA’s funding...

    by Public Health Advocates
  • Youth-Advocates Leading the Movement for Healthier Kid’s Meals in CA

    In April 2016, Public Health Advocates partnered with the Youth Leadership Institute (YLI) with the goal of passing an...

    by Public Health Advocates